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Here I am, once again!
This is already the 3rd blog that I started, after a blog with one of my friends (annaeva.blogspot.com) and my old blog (StyleMakes-Sense.blogspot.com). Believe it or not: I forgot the password of my old blog. Oh god, silly me... This time I made sure to wrote it down first ;-). Well, actually it isn't such a great problem, since I wanted to start a new blog anyway. The thing is that I won't be able to delete my old blog...

I just wanted a fresh start. My old blog has been a waste, since I haven't post anything in months! That's not very encouraging to start writing again, right? I hope I'll keep on blogging for a longer period from now on, otherwise this blog will be just another waste. I missed blogging though, so I guess that's a good sign :-)!

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